Arriving in Seychelles

You do not need a Visa to come to Seychelles. Due to Ebola epidemic there are restrictions for some countries and / or passengers that have travelled to Ebola infected areas. Please go to the Immigration website to check if you fall under the countries with restrictions

Please ensure your passport or travel documents are up to date and you have a valid return ticket and sufficient funds to sustain you during your stay, as part of immigration requirements.

If booking your holiday through a travel agent, ensure that you are correctly advised and have all your necessary documentation in order when you book your ticket to avoid any problems.

See our Immigration website for formalities entering and leaving Seychelles.


Other Entry Requirements - Ministry of Agriculture

In the effort to protect our local biodiversity passengers  must  ensure they do not bring in any restricted products into the Seychelles.


Any plants or animals or derivative products of plants and animals that may pose a threat to the local plants and/or animals  are banned; unless  authorized  by  need  of  special entry permits from the Ministry of Agriculture. Some plants and animals need to be quarantined before entering Seychelles and any one found in possession of these goods without the proper documentation and authorization  will be fined  and the goods confiscated and  destroyed by the authorities.


Any plants or animals that are not native to the Seychelles,  perishable goods  such as, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, seeds, live animals are prohibited. Please contact the Agricultural Unit to find out how to get authorization for importing plants or animals into the Seychelles.


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