16th June 2014

As part of its continuous efforts to further enhance safety at the Seychelles International Airport, a new watch tower has been constructed at the airport’s Fire and Rescue Services.

The tower which will be manned on a 24hour basis will ensure continuous watch of the apron and aircraft movements’ areas, with the aim of providing better and quicker responses in cases of accidents or incidents.

The new tower is armed with all the required telecommunication equipment necessary in cases of aviation and sea rescue, and it is also quite elevated as per ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) requirements. It stands at an impressive height of 11.8 meters, hence allowing the watch room attendant to have a clear view of the aircraft movement areas.

Other than an observation tower, the newly erected structure is also equipped with a lavatory for the watch room attendant on second floor, a shower facility for ladies, and a small office on ground floor.

“It is very important that the airport remains a safe place for passengers, equally important is that  the staff manning the place operates in a comfortable environment, hence ensuring more effectiveness”  says the Chief Fire Service Officer, Mr. Marc Brutus.

The concrete tower replaces a steel structured one which had reached its end of life. Construction which started last year was done at a cost of 1.9 million rupees.

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