13th July 2016 - SCAA honors its long service staff as airport celebrates 45th anniversary

It was a double celebration for the organization’s long service staff as they were to be rewarded for the years spent in the civil aviation during the same year that the airport was celebrating its 45th anniversary.

As customary the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) rewarded its long service employees for their hard work and dedication. The auspicious event coincided with the celebration of the landing of the first commercial jet to Seychelles which occurred on July 4th, 1971.

A total of 36 employees who had spent 10 to 40 dedicated years with the civil aviation received certificates, trophies and cash prizes. A group of 11 other staff members who had completed more than 20 years of service working with the government or other bodies operating at the airport such as the Meteorological Services or Cable and Wireless Ltd were also invited to the event to receive a small token of appreciation.

The long service award ceremony was held on Friday July 15th at the Carambole Restaurant, Roche Caiman from 5pm.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Foreign Affairs and Transport Minister Joel Morgan as well as the chairman of the board of SCAA Captain David Savy. Mr. Morgan and the SCAA chief executive Mr. Gilbert Faure who addressed the awardees.

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