20th May 2015 - Passengers and members of the public will soon be able to get free access to the internet at the Seychelles International Airport and the domestic terminal on Mahé as well as at the Iles des Palmes airport on Praslin.

Such a service has been initiated by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) following customer demands for easy and convenient internet access upon arrival and whilst awaiting departure at the airports.

The SCAA with the support of local telecommunication partner Cable and Wireless has embarked on the project which will be an additional plus for the Seychelles Airports as the organisation strives to further improve on its services.

The SCAA Chief Executive, Mr. Gilbert Faure said, today Wi-Fi connection is a norm at most major international airports worldwide and passengers and clients who are travelling through Seychelles expect such a service here as well.

“The launch of the Wi-Fi service will add value to airport services as we strive to modernise our facilities with the aim to not only accommodate customers’ requirements but also to create a more positive customers’ experience.”

The Wi-Fi service shall ease direct access to the SIA’s online information services for visiting tourists, business and trade, private sector presenting commercial opportunities to their respective target markets, Mr. Faure said.

The internet service will be provided based on the terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding between the local civil aviation authority and Cable and Wireless. The SCAA will offer the service free of charge accessible for a period of one hour to customers and beyond the one hour limit customers will have to pay to use this service via their account with Cable and Wireless.

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