March 16, 2015 - More airport operators are now better equipped to improve on services that are provided to clients and passengers at the Seychelles International Airport (SIA) after following a training in customer service recently.

The two-day training, developed in house by the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) was attended by frontline staffs from skychef, Car Hire and taxi operators. In total a cohort of 50 participants have benefit from such a training aimed to assist them in better understanding the importance of customer satisfaction for the authority and the SIA.

The main purpose of the training is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and behavioural requirements to better assist their customers and improve the overall standards of services at the airport.

As a result, operators are able to use different communication techniques to interact with their clients and they have also acquired the necessary skills to handle customer complaints.

The SCAA Chief Executive Mr. Gilbert Faure said the training, customized specifically for these operators will help them to be more proactive in maintaining the vision of the SIA as the gateway beyond and above Africa.

“As we are operating in a very competitive and dynamic environment it is vital for our stakeholders to understand the importance of customer service to the organization and businesses at the airport.”

 Mr. Faure added that the SIA needs to upgrade its level of customer service to be able to match those of neighbouring islands and other great international airports.

“SCAA will collaborate with all its stakeholders to bring the airports to a higher standard which will in turn bring more satisfaction to the over 500,000 passengers that uses its facilities annually,” Mr. Faure added.

In order to monitor the success of the training the SCAA will soon be undertaking a customer service survey as well as oversees the number of complaints received from customers and operators themselves.


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